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1.Moments From The Golden Eagle Festival In Mongolia
2.Capital city ULAANBAATAR
3.Winter in Mongolia
4.Mongolian rivers and lakes 3 - , 3
5.Mongolian rivers and lakes 2 - ,
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tours mongolia
Mongolian women - үүүү
Guest: XRumerTest
2016-09-25 11:30:45
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Winter in Mongolia
Guest: Reegan
2016-07-30 10:51:46
A provvcatioe insight! Just what we need!
Crane -
Guest: Jetsin
2016-07-30 10:40:38
I might be benaitg a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!
National Flag Raising Day
Guest: Ireland
2016-07-30 10:27:21
Heckuva good job. I sure apiercpate it.
Dorno gobi province of Mongolia -
Guest: naran
2016-06-20 03:56:34
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Dorno gobi province of Mongolia -
Guest: naran
2016-06-20 03:56:34
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Discover Mongolia - Ana Cristina Franco Spínola's photo from Portugal
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Snaff Bottle - өөө
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Snaff Bottle - өөө
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Khovsgol lake - өө
Guest: nanjin hatgal
2015-08-22 10:16:53
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Uvs Province -
Guest: buynaa
2015-08-13 22:34:08
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Selenge aimag
Guest: chuluun dalanta
2015-08-12 02:01:35
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Nomad children - өөө
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Nomad children - өөө
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Nomad children - өөө
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Golden Eagle
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Golden Eagle
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Khovd province in September - ө
Guest: 1
2015-08-07 05:30:43
Flowers -
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2015-08-07 05:30:42
Nomad children - өөө
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''Historical Queen Anu'' Drama - үү ү
Mongolian drama theater, Culture of mongolia, mongolia art gallery, mongolia art

Ulaanbaatar -
Ulanbator, Ulan bator, Ulaanbataar, Ulaanbaatar city

Ulaanbaatar 2011 fashion week - 2011 7
Mongolia fashion show, Ulaanbaatar fashion, mongolia models and girls,

өө -
Mongolian Traditional game, Winter game of mongolia

Snaff Bottle - өөө
өөө, Snaff botlle Mongolia, mongolian traditional snuff bottle


tours mongolia



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Beautiful Mongolia

Moments From The Golden Eagle Festival In Mongolia

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2015-12-15 05:46:06 

Categories: Travel & Place | Country: Mongolia | Views: 4111 | Comment: 0 | Photos: 13

In the isolated Altai mountain range, local Kazakh minorities still practice an ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles. Once a year, the people gather to celebrate the Golden Eagle Festival and compete for the best traditional Kazakh costume and beat each other at the team horseback game of kukbar. But the highlight is the culmination of three exhilarating rounds to establish who has the most loyal and agile eagle. This annual competition displays not only the eagles skill, but also the strength of the bond they have with their trainer.

One of the well-known photographers in Mongolia, Mr. Batzaya is sharing photos from his most recent trip to the Golden Eagle Festival. Mr. Batzaya is not only a photographer but also a seasoned traveller, who has extensively travelled Mongolia and the globe.

Capital city ULAANBAATAR

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2014-05-28 04:19:39 

Categories: Ulaanbaatar | Country: | Views: 18482 | Comment: 11 | Photos: 5

Winter in Mongolia

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2014-02-10 21:58:24 

Categories: Winter | Country: Mongolia | Views: 16714 | Comment: 7 | Photos: 11

Mongolian rivers and lakes 3 - , 3

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2014-01-02 05:23:25 

Categories: Nature & Landscapes | Country: Mongolia | Views: 18217 | Comment: 3 | Photos: 6

Mongolian rivers and lakes 2 - ,

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2013-02-24 21:51:41 

Categories: Nature & Landscapes | Country: Mongolia | Views: 31730 | Comment: 12 | Photos: 11

, 1 - Mongolian rivers and lakes 1

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2013-02-24 21:38:55 

Categories: Nature & Landscapes | Country: Mongolia | Views: 26517 | Comment: 7 | Photos: 13

Gobi desert

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2013-02-17 22:52:45 

Categories: Travel & Place | Country: Mongolia | Views: 19797 | Comment: 8 | Photos: 6

Amarbayasgalant Monastery and Tsam dance

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2013-01-24 20:53:26 

Categories: Buddhism & Religion | Country: Mongolia | Views: 18349 | Comment: 11 | Photos: 21

Autumn reflection

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2012-10-15 19:38:49 

Categories: Nature & Landscapes | Country: Mongolia | Views: 18425 | Comment: 7 | Photos: 8

Huvsgul province - өө

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2012-09-09 21:15:54 

Categories: Travel & Place | Country: Mongolia | Views: 23066 | Comment: 26 | Photos: 19

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