Photographers agreed that Mongolia is one of the most scenic and mysterious countries in the world.

Home to huge landscapes and a nomadic culture that preserved in 21st century, Mongolia offers a stunning photographic opportunities. Travel through the great steppe to capture images of Mongolian horses, traditional Mongolian Ger-dwelling, and nomadic families, who’s keeping their culture and their unique lifestyle.

We offer high quality photo tours for incredible life experiences of nomadic people in Mongolia. Our goal is to design and lead photographers on cultural travel experiences they will never forget. Each itinerary has been designed and scheduled by experienced professional photographer, for photographers, with a focus on putting you in the right place at the perfect moment to capture stunning images that you expect. Not only will your photography skills improve on our photo tours, but you’ll experience a life-changing adventure steeped in rich culture and natural beauty.

Our journeys will take you to some of the most amazing destinations, offering incredible life experiences focusing on providing exceptional quality and value for our participants.

Our team

Photographer Batzaya Choijiljav, a founder and leader of Ayan Travel company has an experience of photographing and tourism for a more than a decade. He is more specialized in Mongolian Nomadic culture, tradition, lifestyle, portrait and landscape. With each photograph, his goal is to share his vision so others can see the tradition, culture and people as he does, full of color, texture, bright and emotion. His photos were awarded “Best animal photo 2016” of Daily Record, Animal Photo of the Year by Daily Telegraph and Now Magazine etc.