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1.Moments From The Golden Eagle Festival In Mongolia
2.Capital city ULAANBAATAR
3.Winter in Mongolia
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tours mongolia
Capital city ULAANBAATAR
Guest: suba hentai
2016-11-26 14:35:03
Fm89oi It as actually a great and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you shared this useful tidbit with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.
Naadam Festival 2012 - ARCHERY SHOOTING
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:16:13
[url=][/url]. . .
Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains -
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:15:36
. . [url=][/url]. .
Eagle hunting festival 2
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:15:36
. . [url=][/url]. .
v .
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:15:26
. . [url=][/url]. .
Views from the Sky 2 - 2
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:14:47
[url=][/url]. . .
Angelina pop opera live concert by Nuans
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:14:33
[url=][/url]. . .
Wildlife in Sukhbaatar province
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:14:25
. . [url=][/url]. .
Close up photography
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:14:20
. . [url=][/url]. .
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:14:19
. . [url=][/url]. .
Choijin Lama Temple Museum - ү
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:14:14
. . [url=][/url]. .
Nomadic life - үү
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:13:57
. . [url=][/url]. .
Around of Gandan Monastery -
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:13:32
[url=][/url]. . .
Naadam festival - Colors and Faces
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:13:05
[url=][/url]. . .
Eagle hunting festival 2
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:13:00
. . [url=][/url]. .
Khovsgol lake - өө
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:12:59
. . [url=][/url]. .
Hustai National Park & Takhi horse
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:12:47
. . [url=][/url]. .
Golden Eagle
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:11:51
[url=][/url]. . .
Bayan Olgii Province - -
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:11:35
. . [url=][/url]. .
Lily -
Guest: NuhhyRep
2016-10-27 17:11:05
[url=][/url]. . .
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Tovkhon monastery - өө
Mongolia pictures, Tovkhon monastery

Traveling in Morocco

Dorno gobi province of Mongolia -
Dorno Gobi aimag,  , Gobi provinces mongolia, Sainshand town,

Amarbayasgalant Monastery and Tsam dance
 ,  ү

Nomadic life - үү


tours mongolia



Naadam Tours

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Beautiful Mongolia

Photo Gallery / Travel & Place /
Hovd Province -

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2010-09-19 06:27:43 

Categories: Travel & Place | Country: Mongolia | Views: 64810 | Comment: 250 | Photos: 18

hovd aimag, western mongolia, Khovd town,
item#: 357     Vote:     Rank: 1.0

item#: 358     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
뺺 . 200 .

item#: 359     Vote:     Rank: 1.0

item#: 360     Vote:     Rank: 1
vv . v . v v .

Altan Hohii Mountain, khovd trekking tours, pictures of khovd province
item#: 361     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
Һ պ .

sights in Khovd Aimag, Tsenheriin agui
item#: 362     Vote:     Rank: 3.0
. vv 90 .

Tsenkheriin Agui (caves)
item#: 363     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
Tsenkheriin agui (caves)

item#: 364     Vote:     Rank: 2.3

item#: 365     Vote:     Rank: 1.9

Jargalant mountain in khovd aimag
item#: 366     Vote:     Rank: 2.4
Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain (3797m). Vv

Hovd River
item#: 367     Vote:     Rank: 2
, Khovd River

khovd city, khovd river
item#: 368     Vote:     Rank: 4.6
Shijigtiin havtsal, Hovd gol

item#: 369     Vote:     Rank: 2

item#: 370     Vote:     Rank: 2.5

Khovd tour, Khovd
item#: 371     Vote:     Rank: 2.1

item#: 372     Vote:     Rank: 2.2
8 . v .

item#: 373     Vote:     Rank: 2.2
vv vv.

tsambagarav mountain
item#: 374     Vote:     Rank: 1.4

Tsambagarav Mountain National Park. On the northwestern boundry of Khovd with BayanOlgii Aimag, 80km north of Khovd. Dispite its heigest of 4,202m, Mongolia's third-highest mountain, is fairly accessible.

, . (4202)

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Date:2014-04-07 04:12:21 bi howdiin saihan zaluutai suusan hun l dee. tehdee bid hoyor Umnugowi aimagt amidardag yum. Hairtai saihan haniinhaa nutgiin zurgiig harah saihan bnaa. Bi haniinhaa nutagt ochij uzeegui l dee. Minii hani Howdiin Buyantiin Har us nuuriin eregt togloj ussun gj yridag yumaa. hanidaa ussun gazriinh ni zurgiig mash goyoor awsan tiim zurgiig ni ugaalgaj uguh yumsan gj bi boddog yum. nadad saihan awsan goy zurgiig ni olj ugch tuslaach
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Date:2014-04-02 07:11:21 xowd nutag goy haragdaj bn shv nutagaa mash ix sanj bn
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Guest: zochin
Date:2014-03-13 21:44:07 baina aa bna gehdeel dutuu ym
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Date:2014-03-04 06:33:42 iim shan nutagt turj ussun yum chin ene shan nutgaaraa baharhahaas uur argagui shuu dee.Bi nutagtaa hairtai ene shan tuuh dursgalin ulgii nutgaaraa baharhaj yawaarai howdchuudaa!
Date:2014-03-03 22:11:33 өө ү .
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Date:2014-01-15 22:01:37 my torson nutag ymar baharahmaar ym be vneheer gaihamshigtai yma ochood ene vzesgelt gazaruudad amidarah ymsan
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Date:2014-01-09 02:54:31 өө ү
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Date:2013-12-21 04:10:30 iim saihan nutagt turj ussunduu baharhaj yavdag
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Date:2013-12-20 03:58:47 ene uzsen bol enhdelger holboo barinu
Guest: monherdene
Date:2013-12-20 03:57:13 goe yuma
Guest: zoloo
Date:2013-12-18 07:40:32 Nutgaasaa 4 togsoo l garsiijn tegj baigaad zaawal neg ochnodo.Nutag usnihaa saihan zurgiig awaad hananda olgochie gesen oldots bagatai l yumda.
Guest: adiya
Date:2013-12-09 20:18:05 goy zuragnuud bn 8989
Guest: Hambii
Date:2013-11-18 07:23:23 Mongol gej zuvhun hovdig l helne
Guest: Aagii
Date:2013-11-11 03:08:43 gaihaltai yma. saihan mongol nutag mnu
Date:2013-11-11 03:07:05 howd aimg ch vneheer goe ymaa.
Guest: enhee
Date:2013-10-11 01:39:58 minii nutag shan shuu namar bl bur shan
Date:2013-09-22 02:04:39 BI TORSON NUTAGAA SANAAD BNA
Date:2013-09-22 01:56:05 SAIHAN BNA
Guest: Khishigee Davaa
Date:2013-09-20 12:02:32 Unen tasarkhai, imagine pictures, Zavkhan, Selengiin zuragnuud bgaa uy, daraa dakhin orj nudee bayasgaya. Bayarlalaa, duudee, bakharkhaj bna shuu.
Guest: Khishigee Davaa
Date:2013-09-20 12:02:29 Unen tasarkhai, imagine pictures, Zavkhan, Selengiin zuragnuud bgaa uy, daraa dakhin orj nudee bayasgaya. Bayarlalaa, duudee, bakharkhaj bna shuu.
Guest: buynaa
Date:2013-09-05 09:29:22 minii hovd nutag mine iim saihan shuu
Guest: buynaa
Date:2013-09-05 09:27:41 like
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Date:2013-06-23 11:16:12 howd aimag saihan haragdaj bna shvv
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Date:2013-06-21 12:23:31
Date:2013-06-16 15:48:20 . ү ү өө ү үү
Date:2013-06-11 07:58:06 өө ү ү ү ... өө ү
Guest: moogii
Date:2013-06-11 07:57:02 manai hovd aimag ulaanbaatraas goy hot boloh boltugai
Guest: zoloo
Date:2013-06-11 04:32:01 manai nutag iim saihan gej uneheer bodsongui e humuusee iim saihan nutgaa hairaltsgaay
Guest: zoloo
Date:2013-06-11 04:32:00 manai nutag iim saihan gej uneheer bodsongui e humuusee iim saihan nutgaa hairaltsgaay
Guest: zoloo
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Guest: tulgaa
Date:2013-06-07 04:06:39 manai nutag ih goe yma nutgaa ih sanaj bna da hurdahanl nutagtaa ocih ymsan ke kekkkkkkk
Guest: alimaa
Date:2013-05-25 00:53:02 manai howd goy shvv sanjiinaa
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Date:2013-05-19 06:07:27 minii nutgiin baraa todhon haragdaj bna daaa
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Date:2013-05-12 03:32:39 Minii nutag uneheer saihan shuu. Har us nuur jargalant hairhandaa morgie
Guest: Javzaa
Date:2013-05-12 03:28:15 nutgaa ih sanaj bn har us nuuraa bur ch ih
Guest: suhee
Date:2013-05-08 09:19:40 bi hovd aimagtaa hairtai
Guest: boroo
Date:2013-05-07 12:13:26 Nutgaa sanchihlaa minii nutag yamar saihan yum be nutgaasaa garaad bagagui hugatsaa ongorson bna shuu modhon hariad ochno uul us nutag mini eejiigee sanchihlaa
Guest: Erdenee
Date:2013-05-06 21:01:44 Gaihamshigtai.......
Guest: Erdenee
Date:2013-05-06 21:01:43 Gaihamshigtai.......
Guest: khuralai
Date:2013-05-04 11:22:41 dendvv vzesgelent hovd nutag mini
Guest: khuralai
Date:2013-05-04 11:21:55 dendvv vzesgelent hovd nutag mini
Guest: t.bilguun
Date:2013-05-04 09:50:54 ezen chingisiin bas minii mon mongoliin mini saihan bogood aguu nutag......
Guest: uka
Date:2013-05-01 03:47:07 denduu saihan minii nutag
Guest: khulan
Date:2013-04-21 10:17:13 manai howd aimag ulam oson dewshij hotoos iluu hogjoorei
Date:2013-04-17 20:59:56 saihan zurag oruulsand yunii omno bayrlalaa oshoo olon olon baigaliin uzesgelent zurguudiig bagtaagaarai amjilt hvsiy
Guest: ogii
Date:2013-04-15 04:11:13 manai howdchuud vnen nice shvv. Hovd nutag saihan nutag. Uhaalag, halamjtai, tsarailag zaluu bna. Ohidoo call me 99943800 zalgaad vzeerei hezee ch haramsahgvi
Guest: oogii
Date:2013-04-15 03:54:32 nutgiin huurhun ohidtoi taniltsay utas 99943800
Guest: dashaa
Date:2013-04-08 05:44:40 chandmani baigalin saihnaas alga
Guest: tuguldur
Date:2013-04-02 23:42:20 nutagaa haraad setgel uneheer saihan bn
Guest: mr.Hero
Date:2013-03-30 07:59:17 thank`s for you.Mash saihan avsan baina shuu.
Guest: Shuree
Date:2013-03-20 06:38:19 Mini nuag saihan shuu.
Guest: Maagaa
Date:2013-03-18 01:43:10 Nutag vneheer saihan bna deeshee neg yum ogshood
Date:2013-03-16 08:47:11 hovd aimaga mine odoroos odojd tsar hvreegee telj hogjiliin yoron zuungd hol niilvvlen hogjin baidagd minii setgel tenger bainaa tsaashdaa j minii nutag ulam ih hogjij elbeg delbeg vzegselnt ei bain gedegd minii bie bveren itgej bn saihan nutag shvv gej haaj yvsan gaihuul j yavdagaa yuun dnuuh be
Guest: tergel
Date:2013-03-14 12:02:54 xamgiin exend n bga n zaxirgaa daraachiix n zurag ni teatr gexdee ma zaxirgaa odoo shaal ondoo boltson
Guest: tergel
Date:2013-03-14 11:59:46 tiim shvv ma xowd aimag goy shvv ma xowd ch ix xogjij bna daa
Date:2013-03-11 02:58:21 nutgaa dendvv ix sanjin shvv my nutag goy bna shvv
Guest: URNAA
Date:2013-03-02 00:02:21 NUTGAA MASH IH SANAJ BN.
Guest: Batmonh
Date:2013-02-24 06:29:45 hvnıı nutagt nutgaa sanal bn shvv oshoo goe zurag tawıach
Date:2013-02-16 11:00:25 hovd aimgiin ha zurgig harsan jin hujin ue mine sanagdjihla
Guest: TSOOJ
Date:2013-02-11 10:27:43 ZURAG HARAHAD SAIHAN BN.OCIH YUMSAN .Howd nutag mini shan boljee.
Date:2013-02-01 18:41:00 өө 57; . , ү ү
Date:2013-02-01 18:36:55 . үү 99; өө} 7; ү өө ү ү . үү .
Guest: enkhee
Date:2013-01-26 08:30:55 bi nutgaa mash ix sanaj bn
Guest: d.dalai
Date:2013-01-24 07:04:21 mini torson nutag saihan baina shuu.nutagtaa ochoogui udsan sumiinhaa 90 jiliin oigoor ochih bodoltoi saihan subrag bosogson humuust bayrlalaa
Guest: Duya
Date:2013-01-16 03:39:28 ө үү
Guest: Ard Ayush
Date:2013-01-12 09:22:03 unasan gazar shoroo min bolson.i Hovdiin tsenher hyazgaartaa hairtai
Date:2013-01-10 03:37:53 . . ү . өө} 7;ө өө 57; өө. . ү , . , ...
Guest: burmaa
Date:2013-01-06 08:34:42 nutgaa sanaj bna shuu. saihan nutag shuu. neg l dotno.
Guest: magnai
Date:2012-12-28 02:12:05 nutgaa xarxaar negel sxan
Guest: tsogoo
Date:2012-12-26 04:07:47 nutag minii saihan haragdaj bn shvv nutgaa sanchihlaa kkkkk
Guest: miga
Date:2012-12-25 02:16:30 my nutag goe haragdaj bna shv hovd vneher goe yma
Guest: miga
Date:2012-12-25 02:16:25 my nutag goe haragdaj bna shv hovd vneher goe yma
Guest: Buyankhishig
Date:2012-12-25 00:13:34 Uneheer saihan nutas shuu unasan gazar ugaasan us min , Sanaj bnaa
Guest: tsasaa_tsaska
Date:2012-12-15 08:21:07 my hovd mandan badar tugai
Guest: tsasaa_tsaska
Date:2012-12-15 08:18:36 mini nutag vneheer saihan nutagaa mash ih sanaj bna hovd aimag odor ireh tusam ongoo zasaj bna
Guest: batjaa_032
Date:2012-12-12 22:40:50 bi ter han hoxin eroold n zuni amralta ongrodog bsin xexexe
Guest: batjaa_032
Date:2012-12-12 22:36:00 mi nutag haragdjin shv
Guest: ouyka
Date:2012-11-29 00:52:12 iim shan orond torsondoo baharahj bn
Guest: tseegii
Date:2012-11-19 23:34:45 mi nutag shan shv.Nutagtaa ochihoor setgel sergeel negl goy bdiimaa
Guest: ariuka
Date:2012-11-18 04:04:57 park bas zaisangiin zurgiig zaawal tawiaarai
Guest: ariuka
Date:2012-11-18 03:55:09 bi aimagtaa mash ih mash ih hairtai baharhaj ywdag shvv
Date:2012-11-06 07:09:57 ZAH ZYHAAS N ENE SHYY DEE MINI NYTAG
Guest: sumka
Date:2012-11-03 01:09:30 Minii nutag saihan shuu nutagaasaa erch huch energi dandaa awdagsan goyo haragdaj bna shuu
Guest: shoogii
Date:2012-11-01 23:19:22 mongolchuuda howd hot och vzeerei vnher goy shv jal hol ch gesen ta narin zoriod ochhod vnen sak shv
Guest: shoogii
Date:2012-11-01 23:14:57 mini howd goy bna shv mini nutag shde hehehe
Guest: sonor buyant
Date:2012-11-01 04:33:22 xovdiin goy zurag algaa end tsambagaraviin bayanulgii talaasaa gants gaigui zurag l bna shdee xovdiin zurag yamar baidgiig udaxgui ta buxen xarax bolnoo amlaya
Date:2012-10-29 20:43:31 howd goy bn
Guest: always smile
Date:2012-10-15 06:11:41 oshoo olon goy zurguud tavibal goyoo
Guest: smile
Date:2012-10-15 06:09:18 very great
Guest: muugii
Date:2012-10-14 21:33:17 manai nutag ch uneheer saihan shuu
Guest: muugii
Date:2012-10-14 21:31:37 manai nutag ch uneheer saihan shuu
Guest: zaya
Date:2012-10-14 21:24:59 hovd uneheer saihgn yumaaa nutgaaraa baharhaj bnaa
Guest: enhtsetseg
Date:2012-10-12 21:28:53 hovd aimag maani odroos odort hogjij bga gej boddog s.han nutag shv .durgun sumin har us nur ch mun adil eh nutaginha hugjild baghan ch gesen huvi nemeree oruulay hogjil bidnees shaltgaalna zaluusaa hamtdaa bvteestgeey
Guest: Ulziinaran
Date:2012-10-12 05:27:48 Uwliin amraltiig ymar ih hvleen vee
Guest: boloroo
Date:2012-10-12 04:37:52 tsast tsambargarav hairhanaa harah saihan bna. Bas Erdeneburen sumiin tuhai medee orson ni saixan sanagdlaa. Bi eredenburend turuugui l dee. gehdee uuld udmiin ohin ychraas hovdiin tuxai, erdeneburengiin tuhai, uulduudiin tuxai sonsoj, unshix durtai. Jil bur ochihiig hicheedeg.Ene jil ochij chadsangui, ireh jil zaaval ochnoo..
Guest: jargalnemehk
Date:2012-10-05 08:03:50 niit nutag negtenuuddee az60gal husie.seoulees
Guest: b tuvshee
Date:2012-10-04 20:03:59 minii nutag saihan nutag hovd sum , ulaan hargana, baruun salaa , davdag ,tsagduul ,tumt , tuvshin bulag , soloon geed l aguu saihan gazruud baidag ym bi aztai hvn
Guest: OOGII
Date:2012-09-30 01:08:18 GOY SHVV HOWDCHUDAA
Guest: chuka
Date:2012-09-20 07:05:02 hovd ch saihan daa odoo ch nogoo garaad goy dooo
Guest: n.sonintsetseg
Date:2012-09-11 19:20:38 tursun nutagtaa hairtai shuu
Date:2012-09-01 03:21:30 saihan yumaa udahgvi howd uawah canaatai l baina
Guest: UUREE
Date:2012-07-19 03:32:13 SAK
Guest: toroihon
Date:2012-07-16 05:35:39 jarglant sumin 1 harchih ymsan saihan nutag ymaa zuun hyzgaaraas
Guest: baysaa
Date:2012-07-08 06:38:12 minii nutag unexeer shan shuu
Date:2012-07-03 04:55:25 mongolchuudaa odoo l negdej mongol gsen buhnee awarch hamgaalah hergtei
Date:2012-07-03 04:53:51 hairan sxan nutag min hariihnii gart opoh wii
Guest: lol
Date:2012-07-03 01:18:43 vneheer laitai setgel sergechihlee
Guest: lol
Date:2012-07-03 01:17:44 vneheer laitai setgel sergechihlee
Guest: moogii
Date:2012-06-30 07:05:16 my nutag vnexeer goy shvv nutagtaa ochix yumsaan
Guest: suugii
Date:2012-06-11 23:16:39 minii nutag saihan shuu nutagaa geriihenee sanchihlaa yag l iim bdagdaa namariin saihan tsagaar nutagaa zorinoo iim saihan zurgiig tawisan tand ajliin amjilt husei
Guest: aamii rose
Date:2012-06-07 06:47:45 tiimeee shan nutag shuuu
Guest: enhtsetseg
Date:2012-05-18 05:42:58 goy bna a nutagtaa ochson yum shig sanagdlaa ta bvhend bayrlalaa niit durunchvvddee ene udriin mend
Guest: enhtsetseg
Date:2012-05-18 05:39:40 goy bna a nutagtaa ochson yum shig sanagdlaa ta bvhend bayrlalaa etvgen deed surguuli
Guest: bebe
Date:2012-05-11 01:40:39 bayrllaaa
Guest: bebe
Date:2012-05-11 01:40:05 ih shn bnaa nutagtaa ochilgui zondoo udsan bn ene zuragnuudiig harsan chin shan haragdaj bn dahiad oop goy goy zurag hiigeerei howdchuudaa ok
Date:2012-05-05 05:57:20 SHJ BNSHUU
Guest: Regzed
Date:2012-04-26 04:55:22 xowd ix curguuld curch bgaa xairdaa xairtai shvv my xair curguulia amjilttai togcood ireerei gd aja aja amjilt my xair chadnaaaaaaaa
Date:2012-04-20 03:41:09 ү
Guest: sumiya
Date:2012-04-16 07:14:58 uneheer saihan zurguud bna. Minii khovd aimagch goy shuu
Guest: nutgiin busgui
Date:2012-04-10 00:24:15 Nutagtaa ochson yum shig setdel ih hudulj bna. Uuniig uzsen horom bur saihan b.laa.
Guest: Nutgiin hvv
Date:2012-04-08 18:48:57 Mun ch saihan saihan hovd nutag mini..saihan haragdaj bn..nutgiihaa uul us gol muruniig harahaar setgel huduldug ymaa
Guest: ganzorig
Date:2012-04-05 01:20:07 hairt ah batnasan gergii tvwshee nartaa ajiliin amjilt
Guest: sonor buyant
Date:2012-04-03 04:13:19 goy zuragnuud bna iluu goyiig bi avna gej bodoj bna kk
Date:2012-03-23 07:55:37 sain baitsgaana uu? saihan photonuud bna. bas hovd aimgiin buyant sumiin nutag bayan-ulaan uuliin photo zurag bgaa hun bval nadruu yavuulj tus bolooch? uvuuduu nutgiinh ni zurgiig zurj uguh gesen chin photo ni olddoggui ee. ene minii hayag naturalsoapshop@yaho bayarlalaa
Guest: bulgaa
Date:2012-03-22 02:28:08 uneheer goy zuragnuud bn minii tursun nutagiig guitseh gazar bhgui yumdaa hurdan l hairtai aaw eej nutagtaa ochih yumsan boldogson bol odoo ch hamaagui nutagruugaa butsah yumsan ymar ih sanaj bnaa
Guest: tuya
Date:2012-03-21 00:07:18 hairt aav eejiin mini nutag mash saihan sanagdlaa. setgel mini hudulj nulimas garch bna. ene zurgiig tavisan hund bayarlalaa
Date:2012-03-19 21:40:19 hi shan gazar shuu bi ochoogui yg 10 jil bolj bn 1995 ond 10jiliin 3-r surguulid orj bsan angiin nzuud maani bwal zalgaarai 88030336
Guest: burmaa
Date:2012-03-17 06:06:22 saikhan zuragnuud bna.
Guest: soko
Date:2012-03-12 20:24:37 minii nutag shan shuu
Guest: togso
Date:2012-03-11 21:38:08 vneheer goy yma nutag sanagdaad bi 8 jil nutagta ochoogvi ih udaj bna manai nutag goy shu tegj baigaad nutagta ochindo howdchuudda bvgdend ni mend hvrgie
Guest: byambaa
Date:2012-03-10 03:22:37 goyo umaa manai bairnii zurag bsan bol ch...
Guest: khurelsukh khur
Date:2012-03-02 05:51:23 very nice
Guest: otgonkhuyag
Date:2012-02-23 23:47:59 yg l ene gazar huuhed nas min ungurchee...Nutagtaa bi hairtai..shan nutag shuu!!!!
Guest: afganaas
Date:2012-02-18 04:28:47 saihan hutag shuu zurag uzeed nutagtaa bgaa ym shig l sanagdlaa udahgui ochno doo
Date:2012-02-18 04:27:09 saihan nutag zurag uzeed nutgaa bur sanchihlaa hurdan ochih ymsan
Guest: wae
Date:2012-02-18 04:18:21 minii mongolin gazar shoroonoos burhan gyisanch bvv og.
Guest: Undarmaa
Date:2012-02-18 01:22:21 Goy yum a! Howd nutagta bi hairtai
Guest: nanu
Date:2012-02-15 03:43:06 uneheer saihan nutag shu....
Guest: dundgovi
Date:2012-02-08 19:12:20 ma nutag c saihan
Guest: jigee
Date:2012-02-03 05:56:54 nutagtaa ochilgui udjee 10-d jil bolchihoj. jargalant hairhan uulaniinhaa baruun nuruund garch neg saihan hiimorio sergeeh yumsan.
Guest: bagii
Date:2012-01-25 01:43:39 saihan shu nutgaa sanaj bn yamar uzesgelentei ym be
Date:2012-01-24 21:42:51 ү үү
Guest: Robe
Date:2012-01-24 18:34:21 ? ө ү . , , , ө, , , , , , үү. ү ө ү үү. .
Guest: Inkmaa
Date:2012-01-16 21:49:18 Saihan nutag bna. Zaaval ochoh gazaruudiin neg mun bna...
Guest: seegii
Date:2011-12-25 22:29:40 Ү үү. .
Guest: chimgee
Date:2011-12-18 05:14:16 ta nar yamar jild yavsan be baay vnsii
Guest: domoo
Date:2011-12-14 21:17:40 owog deedsiin olgii nutag ongotei saihan haragdaj bna uriin ur bidniigee ueiin ued harj handaarai.
Date:2011-12-07 03:16:22
Date:2011-12-07 03:16:07
Date:2011-11-20 06:15:55 G.monhtubshin b.a manai nutag goe shuu bi hobddoo nudnii shil hiidii JARGALANT BOLOR nudnii shilnii gazar
Guest: lkhamaa
Date:2011-11-12 17:19:19 Mash saihan tanil zurguud tavisan bna
Guest: Enhee
Date:2011-11-07 19:59:33 Wow 7 jil ochsongui uneheer shn haragdaj bna shuu
Date:2011-11-07 17:04:18 ?
Guest: G.otgonzaya
Date:2011-11-01 02:59:07 CHandmanchuuddaa hairtai shu 2010 oni togsogchid bnuu ta nariigaa bs sumiin uul us gol moron jargalant bumbat ahmad buurluud aaw eejiigee mash ih sanj bn nutagtaa ochson ymshigl blchih loo dahiad goe goe zurag tawiarai za guij bn
Guest: G.otgonzaya
Date:2011-11-01 02:49:35 manai nutag ymar goe ym be nutagaa mash ih sanj bn chandmanchuud unheer goe shu manai 2 altaich estoi saihan altai shu te manai nutag odor ni bodogdoj shonon zuudlegdeedl unheer goe shu
Guest: G.otgonzaya
Date:2011-11-01 02:42:36 manai nutag unheer goe shu ter tusmaa howdiin buurch goe
Guest: boldoo
Date:2011-10-26 21:35:51 hi enkheegiin helsen palan zurag orvol goyshte tiim ee
Guest: enkhee
Date:2011-10-26 21:34:17 eooe ymar goy ym be nutag maani sanagdaad bhi estoi goy zuragnuud bn aa admin aa khovdin niit palan zurgiig oruulaad ogooch nutag maani ymar saihan boloo bol do
Guest: sweety
Date:2011-10-26 18:27:13 uneheer uneheer saihn nutag.howdod hairtaaa
Guest: Hishigee
Date:2011-10-17 20:07:02 tiimee vneheer manai nutag goe shvv namar bol bvr goe geech bvh torolin nogoo garaad l shan shvv bi nutagtaa hairt
Guest: amgalan.d
Date:2011-10-13 14:33:06 Nutgaa sanachihlaa
Guest: bat
Date:2011-10-05 03:04:06 unekheer saikhan nutag shuu
Guest: l.lagnaa
Date:2011-10-02 03:47:55 manai nutag vneheer goe shvde
Guest: zaya
Date:2011-09-24 00:43:49 tanai sum chnii ymrgoe boljcxwoo
Guest: baatraa
Date:2011-09-09 08:34:05 minii nutag saihan shuu
Guest: ema
Date:2011-09-06 22:29:22 wow it is amazing
Guest: maral
Date:2011-08-29 08:44:37 minii shan nutag uneheer gaihaltai yumaa. ahiad iluu shan zuragnuud tawiarai.
Guest: khovd
Date:2011-08-22 04:30:54 Asar tengeriin amrag altain uulnaas Arhlaatai yum shig munkhiin manan holdohgvieeee gej Bolor tsomiin ezen yaruu nairagch Huuduugiin Erdenebaatar negentee shvleglejee.......
Guest: u
Date:2011-08-22 04:23:48 nice
Guest: ganaa Boldoo
Date:2011-08-07 04:25:23 tursun nytag ysnii uuul ys ni tvshij uawah boltygai. Nytgiin zon olondoo az jargal sain saihniig hvsen erooe.
Guest: ү
Date:2011-07-25 01:18:34 minii nutguiin uul us uneheer gaihaltai
Guest: ү
Date:2011-07-25 01:17:04 ө өө 257;өө& #1257;
Guest: Klaus
Date:2011-07-22 12:27:57 tomorrow I start to Mongolia, full of expecting the wonderful nature, thanks for the pictures
Guest: yura
Date:2011-07-15 05:14:06 minii nutag uneheer saihan shuu goe zurag bnaaa bayrllaa
Guest: khash
Date:2011-07-06 20:09:30 tobchhon yum a
Guest: Saranzaya
Date:2011-06-15 23:32:46 Minii nutag tsaanaal neg saihan nutgaa
Guest: EB
Date:2011-05-22 01:45:04 yostoi goyo zragnuud bnaa! Bayarlalaa
Guest: byambaa
Date:2011-05-19 23:55:22 uu nice dahin goe bolgooroi amjilt
Guest: Zaya
Date:2011-05-10 00:19:40 Hi vnher saihan bnshv odo shin zurag heze tawigdah we?
Date:2011-05-07 18:34:39 үү, ү
Date:2011-05-06 23:47:33 . өө 257; ,
Guest: kratos
Date:2011-05-03 21:19:03 nice khowd
Guest: tseegii
Date:2011-04-25 23:04:43 yamar goy yum be nutagtai hairtai shu
Guest: amaraa
Date:2011-04-25 23:03:37 nutagaa sanchihlaa ene zun zaaval ochinoo
Guest: chudur
Date:2011-04-23 05:35:30 2-r 11 jilin 2007 oni tugsult 11 g ang goy shuu nutagaa sanj bn shuu
Guest: chudur
Date:2011-04-23 05:34:29 my hovd nutag ueu goy shuu
Guest: bilegssaihan
Date:2011-04-03 21:39:17 vnen goyboljee
Guest: өө
Date:2011-03-24 01:51:38
Guest: suugii
Date:2011-03-21 00:40:42 that's looking nice. If you would like to see wonderful incredible earth please to visit Khovd . We are waiting you any time.
Guest: suugii
Date:2011-03-21 00:38:57 Uneheer saihan zuragnuud bna mongol gej ene hovd gej ene shuu
Guest: bagvar,g
Date:2011-03-17 06:12:43 hovd nutag mini uneheer saihan baina. Ger buluunhenii hamt 99156923, 99082715,
Guest: zandaa
Date:2011-03-13 20:01:37 minii nutag ih saihan goe zuragnuud bn shuu ongorson uyee sanahad aagiigaa ih sanaj bnaa unshival zalgaarai 88011243
Date:2011-03-10 08:49:06 үү ү үү ү
Date:2011-03-06 23:47:17 goy
Guest: Daagi
Date:2011-02-21 15:09:23 wow, nutgiinhaa saihan saihan zurguudig harad oorin erhgui nudend nulims ziilegneh gj bn shuu. mini nutag ch uneheer saihan nutag shuu.Gertee ochson ym shig l bolloo. Oshoo ih zurgud tawiarai, amjilt husye! from germany
Date:2011-02-19 01:08:29 7. !
Guest: suhee
Date:2011-01-27 04:14:05 khovd nutag shan shuu. aya nutag mini
Date:2010-11-24 00:05:13 өө . .
Guest: eegii
Date:2010-10-19 02:54:19 tiimee minii nutag oor xaana ch bxgvu sxan nutag
Guest: aagii
Date:2010-10-17 16:29:22 khowd nutag saikhan nutag shu
Guest: hovdiin huu
Date:2010-10-16 22:26:17 Ugeer helhiin argaghui saihan nutagdaa
Guest: oogii
Date:2010-10-16 21:33:45 usiig n uuj esiig n dagasan howd nutgiin uneheer shan zuragnuud bn dotno duruud sanagdjiina
Guest: boroldoy
Date:2010-10-08 17:36:00 erdeneburen sumiin nutgiin ih goyo zurag bn. uuld huuhnuudtei taniltsah yumsan.generous888@g
Guest: ganaa
Date:2010-10-03 19:59:33 Tsenheriin gol, agui mini saihan kharagdaj ba. ertnii tuuht nutag mini. Saihan ba shuu
Guest: Zagdaa
Date:2010-10-01 01:28:01 Unexeer sxan zuragnuud bnaa. Gertee ochood irsen yum shig l bolloo.Ovol zungui munkh tsastai dunxiix xan Jargalant, Bumbat xairxan, Khar-Us, Dorgon nuur mini minii nutag ch sxan shuu. Tsogbayartai neg nutgiinx bololtoi. yamartaa ch amjilt xusie. from Berlin
Guest: Urtaa
Date:2010-09-30 04:55:51 uuguul nutag mine uneheer saihan bnaa erdeneburenee sanchlaa udahgui eh orondoo ochood tsambagarav uul hovd gol namarzan nutagtaa ochinoo uneheer saihan bna nutag mine shuteen mine
Guest: B
Date:2010-09-27 02:28:41 Khovd nutag mini uneheer saihan shuu. Tsogbayar Narandorj bagshiin duu mun uu?
Guest: Tsogbayar
Date:2010-09-25 11:23:29 Nutgiinhaa baigaliig haraad uuriin erhgui Khovd nutagtaa baigaa um shig bailaa. Khan buural Jargalant, Bumbat Khairkhanuudiinhaa beld toglon ussunuu Khatan tungalag, Khar us, Khar, Durgun nuuruudiinhaa khuvuund saatan morildog baisnaa uuriin erhgui sanaj baina. Bayarlalaa, from Toronto
Guest: gerel
Date:2010-09-24 10:56:24 . , өө . .
Guest: gerel
Date:2010-09-24 10:51:16 . , өө . .
Date:2010-09-23 06:49:48 Ix goyo zuragnuud yuamaa, Tsambagarviin ene zurgiig xevlulj avch bolox uu?
Date:2010-09-23 06:49:47 Ix goyo zuragnuud yuamaa, Tsambagarviin ene zurgiig xevlulj avch bolox uu?
Guest: Oyun
Date:2010-09-23 05:14:34 . Өө ө үү. 6004
Guest: tsek
Date:2010-09-23 02:00:26 saikhaan saikhan
Guest: stone
Date:2010-09-20 02:40:56 unasan gazar ugaasan us mine saihan bnaa

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