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1.Capital city ULAANBAATAR
2.Winter in Mongolia
3.Mongolian rivers and lakes 3 - , 3
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5. , 1 - Mongolian rivers and lakes 1
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Snaff Bottle - өөө
Guest: mongol
2014-08-17 13:11:05
frantsad bgaa shvv utas 330605503529 man chuluu
Snaff Bottle - өөө
Guest: mongol
2014-08-17 13:08:40
man chuluu zarna ih gariin hoorog hangalttai garna
Snaff Bottle - өөө
Guest: mongol
2014-08-17 13:08:40
man chuluu zarna ih gariin hoorog hangalttai garna
In the street of Nanning, China -
Guest: Kaedon
2014-08-17 03:03:35
Absolutely first rate and comoer-bpttoped, gentlemen!
wonderful Landscape
Guest: Diogra
2014-08-16 18:52:34
This is crtsyal clear. Thanks for taking the time!
Hustai National Park & Takhi horse
Guest: Bonnie
2014-08-16 15:22:48
Great choice. Mongolia is being taelkd about more and more in Europe and you may well be in the right place now. Sounds like a wonderful adventure.
Tsam dance - ү
Guest: Ekaterina
2014-08-16 15:17:23
Great choice. Mongolia is being talekd about more and more in Europe and you may well be in the right place now. Sounds like a wonderful adventure.
Guest: Katty
2014-08-16 11:14:23
That takes us up to the next level. Great posgtni.
, 1 - Mongolian rivers and lakes 1
Guest: Kamren
2014-08-16 09:22:22
Always rehfesring to hear a rational answer.
Discover Mongolia - Jaime Ríos Comet's photo from Spain
Guest: Zarya
2014-08-16 09:12:06
Wonderful exaapnltion of facts available here.
Gobi desert
Guest: Linda
2014-08-16 08:34:14
Pleasing you should think of sontheimg like that
Mongolian rivers and lakes 3 - , 3
Guest: Marylouise
2014-08-16 06:23:06
This has made my day. I wish all posignts were this good.
Old Man
Guest: Janine
2014-08-16 05:20:25
Thanks for shnirag. Always good to find a real expert.
Eagle hunting
Guest: Sparky
2014-08-16 03:22:40
This piece was a liaejfcket that saved me from drowning.
Snaff Bottle - өөө
Guest: buyanaa
2014-06-28 03:56:21
oyu ymar unetei avdag ym bol yaraltai heregtei bn 99018601 eer holboo barina uu
Snaff Bottle - өөө
Guest: Baakii
2014-06-21 16:45:52
Zaanii soyo zarna oiroltsoogoor 2 kg
Amarbayasgalant Monastery and Tsam dance
2014-06-20 02:36:15
. ү...
Przewalskis horse -
Guest: zdfptbnaascqug
2014-06-16 09:24:14
Przewalskis horse -
Guest: zqwrdgjrrlqutf
2014-06-16 06:15:39
Przewalskis horse -
Guest: ilxaznedfsnsap
2014-06-16 01:08:05
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Chigghis Khan Equestrian Statue - өөө
Chihggis statue, Genghis Khan,

Lily -
Lily -  , flowers Mongolia, Mongolian flora

Khovsgol Province - պ
Uushgiin ovriin hun chuluu

Golden Eagle
Golden eagle festival Mongolia

Views from the Sky -
Khyargas lake, Pictures from Sky,


Gobi travel


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Beautiful Mongolia

Photo Gallery / People & Portrait /
Nomad children - өөө

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2010-10-24 23:11:42 

Categories: People & Portrait | Country: Mongolia | Views: 10740 | Comment: 9 | Photos: 17

Picture of mongolian child
item#: 560     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
, ,

Bulgan aimag, Rashaant sum

Mongolian People Pictures
item#: 561     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
Uvs aimag, Naranbulag sum

images of Mongolian children,
item#: 562     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
Ovorkhangai aimag, Bayangol sum

portrait of Mongolian girl
item#: 563     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
Dundgobi aimag, Saikhan Ovoo sum

Nomad girl in hovd aimag
item#: 564     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
Hovd aimag, Erdeneburen soum

Buddhist young lama
item#: 565     Vote:     Rank: 2.2
Young Buddhist lama. Ovorkhangai aimag, Kharhorin sum

Primary school kids
item#: 566     Vote:     Rank: 3.5
School kids in uniform. Uvs aimag, Naranbulag sum

Mongolia girls in uniform
item#: 567     Vote:     Rank: 1
School friends in uniform. Dundgobi aimag, Mandal-Ovoo sum

Mongolia portrait, images of mongols
item#: 568     Vote:     Rank:
School friends. Dundgobi aimag, Mandal-Ovoo sum

Mongolia portrait, images of mongols
item#: 569     Vote:     Rank:
Dundgobi aimag, Saikhan Ovoo sum

Images of Mongolian children
item#: 570     Vote:     Rank: 1.4
Ovorkhangai aimag, Bayangol sum

Portrait of child Mongolia
item#: 571     Vote:     Rank:
Bulgan aimag, Rashaant sum

Nomad children of Mongolia
item#: 572     Vote:     Rank: 1
Bulgan aimag, Rashaant sum

Young herder
item#: 573     Vote:     Rank: 1.3
Uvs aimag, Naranbulag Sum

Mongols, school kids in Mongolia
item#: 574     Vote:     Rank: 1
Bayan-Olgii aimag, Ulaanhus sum, Hoh hotol bag

images of Mongolian children
item#: 575     Vote:     Rank: 5
Ovorkhangai aimag, BatOlzii sum

Horse riding Mongolian children
item#: 576     Vote:     Rank: 3
Ovorkhangai aimag, Bat-Olziit sum

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