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1.Moments From The Golden Eagle Festival In Mongolia
2.Capital city ULAANBAATAR
3.Winter in Mongolia
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tours mongolia
Golden Eagle Festival, Mongolia
Guest: Geraldine
2016-07-30 14:06:17
Thanks , I’ve just been looking for inofrmation about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the source?
wonderful Landscape
Guest: Brandilyn
2016-07-30 14:04:18
Oh, and another reason why it’s odd – my character is a khajit. If khajits behave much like real cats (I’m not very up on Elder Scrolls lore), 3 partners in a month probably seems quite coerasvntive to my character!
999 үүүү
Guest: Lyddy
2016-07-30 14:01:31
Hey, Udolpho, we know you hate black people, and particularly hate those more successful than you.Dial it down, more, more, until it's on top of the mosur...Theee we go! Now it makes perfect sense...
Chigghis Khan Equestrian Statue - өөө
Guest: Margery
2016-07-30 13:55:20
I love pure, ethereal glow on face and the slightly exotic tinge on the eyes. I'm sure it's really helpful for the hijab-wearing re#edrs.I&a39;m not religious myself but I have many friends who cover their heads, so I had the chance to closely examine what beauty looks work with hijab, and the conclusion I reached is that it goes the best with naturally emphasized eyes, just like your look here. it looks innocent as it should be in a hijab look, yet defined enough. strong lips just don't work.
Khovsgol lake - өө
Guest: Lavonn
2016-07-30 13:53:00
Ooh, quite a few 1950s things in your haul, but my favourite thing is the picnic hamper - it's lovely.You look fabulous as per usual and that skirt is gorgeous - such great coloirs!Nukki x
Guest: Skip
2016-07-30 13:40:53
oh yum i feel like eating char kuey teow now.. th#&ree39;s also another way of eating CKT, where they crack a raw egg right in the center of the piping hot CKT, then toss it in the plate.. very nice too!!
Mongolian birds in different natural zones (I)
Guest: Janay
2016-07-30 13:35:09
I just could not depart your site before sustggeing that I really enjoyed the standard info a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts
Pictures of Mongolia
Guest: Judy
2016-07-30 13:31:17
aoifemcOh no That *is* a shame. Have you tried whlhewoeat pasta? It might help with that full feeling. And it’s just as nice, it just has a slightly more nutty flavour.
Winter Pictures
Guest: Liliam
2016-07-30 13:23:05
Este monstruo de las gafas es el mejor, me recuerda a los ni&ionlde;ts con cara de pillos a los que les ponen gafas, y resulta que con ellas en vez de formales parecen aún más traviesos, pues este monstruo es igual.
Discover Mongolia - Dave Stamboulis's photos
Guest: Dora
2016-07-30 13:20:46
shows up much better here than on fb. Your crtivieaty is showing well.On another topic, please keep my Texas sister in your thoughts and prayers. Yesterday doctors removed a spot from her remaining kidney. It will be 10 days before path reports are back to know if it is a cyst or another cancer. Meanwhile, her body is now reacting badly and she is back in surgery to find out what is happening in her abdomen.
Orkhon Valley cultural landscape world heritage site
Guest: Artrell
2016-07-30 13:19:47
Wat een topavond heb jij gehad! ik krijg ook zin om volgend jaar te gaan. Ik hou heel erg van Pharoah Sanders, heb 'm ook es live gezien. Stnogeeeie muziek, maar beetje saai om naar te kijken, wat jij bij Miriam van Amadou had. En Seal, inderdaad, klinkt echt goed!
Guest: Lena
2016-07-30 13:12:01
Yes, boundaries and limitations are ego’s haalmlrks.Yet it learns to love this wild wideawakeness as its own home.For nothing, not even dear wee ego-me is ever separate from Awareing-ness … Happy Saturday dear AM ~ ml
Mongolia's Winter festivals. Kazakh eagle hunters
Guest: Coralee
2016-07-30 13:08:06
Gosh...this was awesome. I hope that I can got back and see all of the blogs on another day as I don't have time to &qou&;bagtquot; them (using bag the web) to reference them later. Thanks so much to everyone. Great Freebies!
Paris Louvre Museum
Guest: Fannie
2016-07-30 11:31:53
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Guest: Espn
2016-07-30 11:28:10
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Discover South East Asia 2011 with Ayan Trails Company
Guest: Genevieve
2016-07-30 11:27:30
I bow down humbly in the presence of such grtsanees.
Snaff Bottle - өөө
Guest: Lucy
2016-07-30 11:22:35
Sharp thiinkng! Thanks for the answer.
''Historical Queen Anu'' Drama - үү ү
Guest: Bobbie
2016-07-30 11:21:17
Fillyna! This is just what I was looking for.
Ten days in Netherlands - 10 өө
Guest: Bobs
2016-07-30 11:17:27
And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me stiagrht.
Discover Mongolia - Vince Ng's photos
Guest: Steffi
2016-07-30 11:15:40
Thkining like that is really amazing
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Khovsgol lake - өө
images of Northern Mongolia

 , mongolian horses,

Angelina pop opera live concert by Nuans

Khamriin khiid monastery -
Mongolia Khamriin Khiid Monastery & Gobi Desert Trip

Discover Mongolia - Jaime Ríos Comet's photo from Spain
DISCOVER MONGOLIA International photo contest-2011, Photo Mongolia


tours mongolia



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Beautiful Mongolia

Photo Gallery / Nature & Landscapes /
Khovsgol lake - өө

Photographer: Ch.Batzaya  2010-11-08 21:34:48 

Categories: Nature & Landscapes | Country: Mongolia | Views: 36649 | Comment: 29 | Photos: 13

Khovsgol lake, North of Mongolia
item#: 678     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
өө : 2- . 39,5 өө, 136 , 262 ү өөө ү . 7000 үү.

Khuvgul Lake, freshest and deepest lake in Central Asia, is positioned in a North South direction with an oval shape. Its length is 136 km from north to south while widest is 39.5 km from west to east. According to scholars' search it was originated about 7000 years ago.

Mongolian lake  Huvsgul
item#: 679     Vote:     Rank: 1
өө -, , -Өө, ү өөө өө ө өө 100- .

Khovsgol lake is located in 100 km from Moron, center of Khovsgol province and flows through Alag-Erdene, Khankh, Chandman-Ondor and Renchinlumbe soums of the province.

Mongolian beautiful pictures
item#: 680     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
ү өө ү өөө ү.

Khuvsgul Lake is surrounded by beautiful high mountains of the Khoridol Saridag and Bayan Mountain Ranges, along the west shore.

Hovsgol lake mongolia, Mongolian highlights
item#: 681     Vote:     Rank: 1
29 .

Flat-topped mountains with sloping mountainsides, covered by forests, lie on the east shore of the lake and those mountains are sources of 29 rivers flowing into Khuvsgul Lake. South part of Khuvsgul Lake becomes narrow and the Eg River starts out here. Khovsgol lake occupies 1% of all fresh water of the earth.

Khovsgol lake, Mongolian top destinations
item#: 682     Vote:     Rank: 1.0
, 12 ү . 11 ү өө 5 . ө 1-1,5 өөө 3 ө .

Twelve species of fish inhabit Khuvsgul including omul, herring, lenok, grayling, perch and roach. It starts to freeze in September but completely covered by 1.0-1.5 m thick ice in November while it starts to melt in May but sometimes it keeps its ice until beginning of July. In March, there is Ice festival for local and foreign guests every year.

Khuvsgul, huvsgul, hovsgol, khovsgol lake
item#: 683     Vote:     Rank:
өө 4 - ү, ү, ү, ү. ү өөө 3 2 өө .

There are 4 islands namely Modon Khui, Khadan Khui, Dalain Khui and Baga Khui. The largest one of them is Dalain Khui Island with a 5.8 sq km area, 70 km from north shore.

Khovsgol nuur, khovsgul aimag
item#: 684     Vote:     Rank: 2.2
өө өөө ү .

There is Darkhad valley basin at right shore of the lake and one of the coldest places of Mongolia.

pictures of khuvsgul lake
item#: 685     Vote:     Rank: 5
өө 1992 өөө .

This area has been protected since 1992 as a National Park and is home to a variety of wildlife such as ibex, argali (wild sheep), elk, wolf, wolverine, musk deer, brown bear, Siberian moose and sable.

hotos of Khuvsgul lake
item#: 686     Vote:     Rank: 3.5
өө ү өөө ү ү 70 өөө .

Khoridol saridag mountains are a 90 km-long mountain range in between Khovsgol lake and the Darkhad valley. The highest peak is Delgerkhaan Uul (3093m). In Khoridol saridag mountain there is the biggest waterfall of Mongolia and flows down from 70m high.

images of Northern Mongolia
item#: 687     Vote:     Rank:
өө 59 ү өө, 244 ү , 750 ү 60 өө . өө 28 .

There are 59 species of mammals, 244 species of birds and 60 species of medical plant of 750 species of plants in Khovsgol lake basin The largest forest areas of Mongolia are located around and to the north of the lake, extending the south-siberian Taiga.

images of khovsgol lake
item#: 688     Vote:     Rank: 3
өө .

Khatgal was founded in 1727 and was the administrative center until 1933, since when it has been Moron.

Khovsgol lake, mongolian big lakes
item#: 689     Vote:     Rank: 2.7

item#: 690     Vote:     Rank: 2.9
1913 өө өө . 1985 ү өөө 40 өөөө, 800 ү өө өөөө , өө .

Russian merchants started using boats for transportation in 1913 through Khovsgol lake. At present, there is the 'Sukhbaatar' ship, 3 barges and over 30 motorboats used in Khovsgol Lake since 1985.

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Guest: Lavonn
Date:2016-07-30 13:53:00 Ooh, quite a few 1950s things in your haul, but my favourite thing is the picnic hamper - it's lovely.You look fabulous as per usual and that skirt is gorgeous - such great coloirs!Nukki x
Guest: nanjin hatgal
Date:2015-08-22 10:16:53 ene shan tsengeg nuuraa harahaar ooriin erhgu baharhah setgel tordog shu. ovoogoo sanaad saihan bdag nuurandaa ochihoor ovootge uulzsan ym shg l bhiin
Guest: 1
Date:2015-07-01 17:21:04 1
Guest: hoshosukud
Date:2014-11-20 09:42:17 ihk heregtei medeeleluud bn shuu iluu ikh medeedel hiivel ikh ashigtai yum bn
Guest: Jelena
Date:2014-09-04 04:35:41 I love that just his face is clear and the rest is soft. Amazing. Did you have a large telephoto or were you able to get rellay close?Pamela recently posted..
Guest: Lettie
Date:2014-09-02 12:16:34 Play infavmotire for me, Mr. internet writer.
Date:2014-06-03 00:50:27 saihan aylmar sanagdaj bna shuu
Guest: sainzaya
Date:2012-11-30 03:40:10 like like
Guest: zaya
Date:2012-10-28 17:33:03 great
Guest: galaa
Date:2012-10-16 20:19:51 khowsgol minii nutag saihan
Guest: eegii
Date:2012-09-14 04:08:17 ene orjlond delhii gantshan tuunii dotroos mongol gants tuunii dundaas huvsgul mni gants shuu
Guest: tsoogii
Date:2012-08-03 02:45:06 Khuvsgul nutgaaraa ih baharhaj bnaa, saikhan zuil hiijee uunees iluu sain zuil hiigeerei, amjilt husie
Date:2012-06-17 04:06:57 ү өө .
Date:2012-06-17 04:04:48 ү
Guest: erh gunj
Date:2012-04-23 03:52:18 tailbar bas zurag ni bugd goy boljee tehdee arsain hurhreenii zurgiig oruulahgui yasan ym be gej uneheer saihan boljee iim saihan zuil ahij olniig hiigeerei
Guest: nyamka
Date:2012-04-15 09:20:04 huvsgul dalai uneheer gaihaltai yum bna lee us ni uneher tsengeg uneheer gaihaltai nutag shuu
Guest: zaya
Date:2012-02-26 22:50:35 saihaan saihaan saihan bn
Guest: Namuunbayar
Date:2012-01-24 20:11:52 ih goy yum
Date:2011-10-10 07:18:22 1 !!!!!!!! өө өө ү өө ү !!!!!!!!!
Guest: tsegii
Date:2011-05-17 00:01:46 vnexeer gaixaltai ym aa
Date:2011-04-15 10:44:08 ү үүү ; өө үү Өө үү
Guest: uugii
Date:2011-03-28 01:54:37 ih gie zuragnuud bn
Guest: kaka
Date:2010-11-20 00:18:40 minii mgl iim sxan oron shvv nice pic amjilt tanai hamt olond ees
Guest: Munkhbaatar.
Date:2010-11-16 05:32:17 ooriihoo darsan zuragnuudaa tawij boloh uu?
Date:2010-11-14 04:11:35 saihan zuragnuud yum aa, gehde tailbartai n hosluulsan bol bur gaihaltai bh bailaa
Date:2010-11-12 02:13:56 Saihan zuragnuud bna. chamd amjilt husie.
Guest: Otgoo
Date:2010-11-09 23:01:03 Saihan zurguud bna. Odoo uul uurhain buteen baiguulaltin zuragnuudaas tavibal ymar ve.
Guest: Deegii
Date:2010-11-09 05:48:32 saihan zurguud baina, Amjilt
Guest: Muugii
Date:2010-11-08 23:16:09 Mongol ornii min hoimor ni bolson Khovsgol nutag saihan shu

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