Images of Mongolian Horses in Winter

23 Nov, 21 | by Admin | culture, travel, news

I visited the Winter Horse Festival or Steppe Horse Festival in eastern Mongolia for documenting Mongolian horse culture and capturing images of the winter horses. The festival is held in birth land of Chinggis Khan for promoting and keeping the legendary horse culture and passing it to the next generation. Hundreds of horses galloping on the steppe and their sounds, smells and the winter atmosphere wake our spiritual feeling or bring us feeling of a good luck, which exist inside of us, perhaps comes from our ancestors.

winter horse photos mongolia

equine photography mongolia

mongolian horses in winter photography by batzaya choijiljav

mongolian horses and horseman photo

horse photography mongolia

mongolian horses in winter photo by batzaya choijiljav

Traditionally dressed riders, kids and visitors and elegantly equipped horses are the beautiful part of the festival which also express a wonderful horse culture of nomads. Local horsemen participate the traditional horse games, such as catching and taming horses, ambler horse racing and hunting with taiga-hunting dog on horseback.

mongolian riders one day photography by batzaya choijiljav

mongolian kids on horseback photos

winter horses in mongolia

horse photography mongolia by batzaya choijiljav

horse taming in mongolia

mongolian horse culture photos

mongolian couples on horseback

winter horse festival photo mongolia

taiga -breed hunting dog in mongolia

hunting with taiga-breed dog in mongolia photo by batzaya choijiljav


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