Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Photos Mongolia

01 Jan, 20 | by Admin | culture, travel, news

Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival for photographers, film makers and photo journalists, takes place held on 17-18 September, every year in western Mongolia. The Photorgraphic event Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is co-organized by eagle hunters, local officials and Mongolian photo tour operator company Ayan Travel. 

The festival covers with Kazakh cultural activities, eagle hunting competitions, meeting ups with famous eagle hunters, special photographic workshops with Batzaya Choijiljav in majestic Altai Mountain ranges at the pleasant time of the year. The 2-day festival is dedicated to all levels of photographers and film makers. The Golden Eagle Festival is so photogenic and very rich in unique objects to capture.

The hunter eagles, elegantly geared horses, traditionally embroidery dressed locals, festival parade, thrilling games on horseback, cultural ceremonies, performances, eagle hunting actions, ethnic portraits and natural beauties are all in front of you. 


Special photo sessions are included in the program and if you need more professional service please just tell us and let us make your lens be the eye to the world.

Here is suggested Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Tour 2021, please visit the link to see the detailed tour itinerary on Ayan Travel-photo tour organizer website.


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