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23 Nov, 21 | by Admin | culture, travel, news
Images of Mongolian Horses in Winter I visited the Winter Horse Festival or Steppe Horse Festival in eastern Mongolia for documenting Mongolian horse culture and capturing images of the winter horses. The festival is held in birth land of Chinggis Khan for promoting and keeping the l...
01 Jan, 20 | by Admin | culture, travel, news
Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Photos Mongolia Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival for photographers, film makers and photo journalists, takes place held on 17-18 September, every year in western Mongolia. The Photorgraphic event Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is co-organized by eagle hunters, local of...
01 Nov, 19 | by Admin | travel, featured-posts
I Photographed Mongolian Tsaatan People In Winter Taiga Mountains I have taken adventure photo trip to Taiga since 2013. That was an extreme adventure, me and my photographer crew took long and adventurous journey on reindeer back for 2 days to reach the indigenous Tsaatan tribe. They are herding their semi...