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31 Dec, 20 | by Admin | wildlife, news, nature
Wildlife Mongolia 2020 Images by Batzaya Choijiljav It was a year of wildlife for me as a photographer. I had some unexpected wild encounters with the most elusive predator, snow leopard and other iconic mammals and birds. As everyone knows that this year is the most challenging time due to pandemi...
20 Jul, 20 | by Admin | news
An Interview with photographer Batzaya Choijiljav Interview by U.Nurbolat at Montsame News Agency  The Kazakh people in Mongolia are one of very few nations left in the world who are still practicing the ancient art of hunting with eagles today. Mongolia’s eagle hunting and the Go...
01 Jan, 20 | by Admin | culture, travel, news
Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Photos Mongolia Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival for photographers, film makers and photo journalists, takes place held on 17-18 September, every year in western Mongolia. The Photorgraphic event Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is co-organized by eagle hunters, local of...