Mongolian Naadam Festival Photo Tour

8 DAYS 6 JUL 2020 $1,420 USD CULTURE

Photographing  and seeing The Mongolian Naadam Festival is the best way to experience Mongolian culture, tradition, arts, music and lifestyle and collect unique images. Mongolian Naadam Festival is a national holiday, and is so traditional, colorful and thrilling event, held in July, annually all over the country.
This our Special Naadam Tour, you have an opportunity to arrange private photography sessions, gives you a great chance to to capture Mongolia’s unique Naadam festival and portraits of well dressed Mongolians along with enjoying local and city Naadam on the same trip.

  • Experience Cultural Heritage of Mongolia
  • Photograph Official Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar
  • Visit Local Naadam in countryside
  • People Portrait, Mongolian Horse and Landscape Photography


Visit the grand opening ceremony of official Naadam and other cultural events in Ulaanbaatar and then jump to the country road to reach the local Naadam festival which is smaller but not too touristic and crowded so it gives you the chance to explore this unique event at your own pace. You will not only experience cultural heritage of Mongolia but also enjoy picturesque landscapes of the country and it is one of the most scenic objects for photographers.

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Transfer to Hotel and take a city tour depending on your arrival time. The contemporary city, surrounded by four holy mountains. Keeps some of historical aspects from nomadic dwelling districts and centuries old Buddhist temples to modern constructions. Visit national history Museum, Bogd Khan’s Palace and Gandan Monastery, Buddhist center of Mongolia. Enjoy folklore performance tonight.



Heading to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes, magnificent place to create wildlife and Landscape Photography. Due to Sand dunes picturesque combination of Gobi Desert, green land and rocky mountain filled with wildlife, we advise you to use wide-range zoom lenses for “wildlife in the landscape” photos and be more creative in your image composition. No matter the time of day, the beautiful and ever-changing scene of this majestic sand dune is worth to visit and photograph.



Arrive at Kharkhorin village, the site of ancient capital of Great Mongolian Empire. We organize mini Naadam festival for our photographic group and arrange private photographic sessions and photo workshops. It is a great chance to enjoy three classic Mongolian sports with locals. Spending the time to see and capture horse racing, wrestling and archery. Take picture of portraits of local nomads in colorful national costumes.

Visit the local museum to get an imagination of the ancient Kharakhorum city. It is worth to visit this small museum, contains excellent collections dating back to the 13th century. Then visit Erdene Zuu monastery, one of the important places, which is the oldest and the largest Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia, built in 16th century, using the stones and bricks of the ancient city.



/10 July/ Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Enjoy Deeltei Mongol-Festival / Mongolians in Deel/. Deel is a national costume which makes the festival more colorful and more traditional. It is good to tell you that the foreigners are possible to participate this festival to dress in Mongolian costume and join the parade in the central square. There are also more cultural activities are organized.



Start your city Naadam tour from the central stadium to watch the Grand opening ceremony which begins with the nine white banner-delivering into the central stadium from the Government palace of Mongolia on the nine magnificent horses. Other festivity performances continued with arts and music stars, monks, soldiers, horses and much more…After the ceremony, the national wrestling competition will begin. State archery competition also start outside the stadium, where female and male archers compete. Enjoying and walking around the stadium to celebrate the festival like locals.



Transfer to the Airport. Departure.


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