Classic Mongolia Photography Tour

Mongolian Photo Tour

Classic Mongolia Photography Tour
Photography Tour Mongolia
Mongolia Photography Tour
Mongolia photo trips
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Mongolian Photography

Classic Mongolia Photography Tour


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We are sure that, this Classic Mongolia Photography Tour will give you grand pack with exciting adventures and amazing shootings. The landscapes are perfect challenge to your creative photo interests. The target of the tour Mongolian traditional holiday Naadam festival which is one of the two biggest and the most important holidays of Mongolia. Plus we are offering you the chance to get thousands of amazing photos in the magnificent Gobi Desert. This is a great wilderness adventure that targeted landscapes with beautiful dunes and cliffs, canyon and nomads.

         Brief Itinerary

Day 1.  Arrival in UB. City tour.
Day 2.  Baga Gazriin Chuluu.
Day 3.  Tsagaan Suvarga.
Day 4.  Yol Valley.
Day 5.  Khongor Sand Dunes.
Day 6.  Bayanzag – The cemetery of Dinosaur.
Day 7.  Ongiin khiid monastery.
Day 8.  Orkhon Waterfall.
Day 9.  Kharkhorin, Erdene Zuu monastery.
Day 10.  Arrive at Hustai National Park.
Day 11. Back in UB.
Days 12-13. Grand Naadam Festival days.
Day 14.  Transfer to the Airport & Departure.

          Trip Highlight        

•    Flourishing and developing nomad’s capital city Ulaanbaatar
•    Snap different portraits of Mongolian culture, nomadic people
•    Landscape of Mongolian different nature formations
•    Visit nomadic family in the countryside and experience family’s hospitality
•    Orkhon Valley is the center of Nomads, which located Mongolia’s ancient capital cities are.
•    Three Manly Game – Naadam Festival is top event in Mongolia
•    Kharkhorin, capital city of Great Mongol Empire
•    Wild horses in Khustai NP, which is re-introduced in this place
•    Great Chinggis Khaan Statue – who holds Golden whip in his hand is the highest horse riding statue in the

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