You will make a Mongolia photo tour through the wild Taiga nature and meet Reindeer herders – Tsaatan people who live in the northern part of Mongolia, so close to Russian border. This photo tour gives you a great opportunity to photograph majestic mountains, peaceful forest and picturesque lakes, hundreds of sheep, horses on grasslands, reindeer caravan in the wilderness and lifestyle of authentic nomads and Mongolian Ethnic Dukha Tribe. All levels of photographers are welcome. If you are a landscape, portrait, travel, and night photographer and looking for your next photo destination then this is the right tour for you.

For the brief about shamans in Northern Mongolia; the shaman might wear a headdress to resemble a bird, with the tail of pheasant and the body costume of a fish. Drums are used to help the shaman enter the trance-like state, as chanting begins and the shaman “transcends “into another world while the body dances, swirls or totters with jerky movements. Shamanism went underground during the former communist period, but has been revived recently. This authentic shaman ritual would be one of the most uncommon objects to capture in Mongolia. You can collect amazing photo shoots and experience unique culture on this Mongolian Photo Tour.

 Brief Itinerary

Day 1.  Arrival in UB. City tour.
Day 2.  Domestic flight to Murun.
Day 3.  Lake Khovsgol to Tsagaa Nuur village.
Day 4.  Arrive at Khogrog Lake.
Day 5-8. Reindeer herders/Tsaatan people.
Day 9. Tsagaan Nuur village.
Day 10.  Tsagaan Nuur village.
Day 11.  Flight from Murun to Ulaanbaatar.
Day 12.  Departure.

Tour highlights:

  • Flourishing and developing nomad’s capital city Ulaanbaatar
  • Lake Khovsgol – crystal clear water lake
  • Mongolian Ethnic Diversity, Dukha Tribe-Tsaatan people, the reindeer herders in the amazing wild Taiga
  • Mongolian Shamanism – Darkhad Depression is most famous for being one of the strong roots of true Shamanism

Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar.
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel. Have lunch at restaurant and relax for a while at hotel room. Start city tour with Gandan monastery and national history museum. We will walk through and photograph selected parts of Ulaanbaatar and the night life of the city which is thriving day by day. Hotel ****.  (L/D) 

Day 2

Lake Khuvsgul

Domestic flight to Murun town and picked up from local airport by then drive to Khuvsgul Lake – as named as “Blue Pearl”. The lake itself is one of the natural wonders of the earth and the second largest freshwater lake. It is surrounded by magnificent pine-covered mountains. You will relax at the lakeshore and capture a multitude of stars over the blue lake. Stay overnight in ger camp. (B/L/D).


Day 03

Tsagaan Nuur Village
Morning shooting at the Khuvsgul Lake to Tsagaan Nuur soum. Stay overnight at tent. (B/L/D)

Day 4

Lake Khogrog

We will continue our driving to Khogrog Lake. Meet to horse crew and horses riding towards Taiga to meet Shaman tribe. Tent camping. (B/L/D) 


Day 5-8

Tsaatan people -Taiga Mountains

 Reindeer herders/Tsaatan people, who live in the exact place for an ancient traditions and oldest religious human belief – Shamanism, that rules the tribal life for thousands of years and still exist today. Photograph in high Taiga forest environment, everyday life cycle of Reindeer herder and reindeer herds. Late evening event- Spiritual Shaman’s performance, sacrificing ceremony to the earth.  Tented camp. (B/L/D)


Day 9

Murun town

Back towards Murun and stop at Tsagaan Lake soum. (B/L/D) 


Day 10

Ulaan Uul village

Arrive in Murun via Ulaan Uul village. Local Hostel. (B/L/D)


Day 11


Flight from Murun to Ulaanbaatar. Short city tour depending on the domestic flight. In the evening, go to traditional folk song performance and photograph colorful traditional dressed beautiful dancers and singers on the stage. Hotel****. (B/L/D)


Day 12


Transfer to the airport and departure. (B)

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Reindeer people of Mongolia

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