Photographer Batzaya Choijiljav

Batzaya Choijiljav is a Mongolian renowned photographer and the author of three large-sized photography books named “Snow Leopard”, “Tsaatan” (Reindeer Herder), and “Eagle”. He is also an active traveler and a tourism professional, who has been traveling across the world and Mongolia with his camera for the last two decades. Born in Zavkhan province western part of Mongolia. Grew up close to nature and wildlife, which developed his fascination to be a Traveler, used to listen to stories, and tales about the country by his elders which became the main inspiration for his creative mind and unique eye of the photographer.

For the last decade, he has been spending his most of time taking photographic adventures and documentary journeys to the remotest corners of Mongolia to capture nomadic people, their culture, heritage, lifestyle, and ethnic diversities. Every single detail on his photo shoots is lively and remembering, which is seen clearly.

Batzaya’s photography works have been displayed in international exhibitions and fairs for the official promotion of Mongolia, including ITB Berlin, the leading travel trade show, and other tourism fairs in Switzerland and Turkey. Also, his works were presented at the World Economic Forum – Davos and the World Expo in Dubai as an official promotional medium. As well as some of his iconic images have been featured in world-class publications and displayed in several international photography exhibitions, promoting Mongolia’s nomadic cultural heritages to the world.

His winter horse photo was awarded "Best Animal Photo of the Year" by The Daily Telegraph. The “Frozen North, Reindeer breath streams in the moonlight” image was awarded as "The most sensational shot of 2016" by the UK Daily Record. Other images and photo journals have been published in the Guardian, Daily News, The Telegraph, The Weather Channel, and National Geographic.






Batzaya Choijiljav is deeply engaged in his next professional endeavor: the photography project "AYAN – Treasures of Mongolia." This ambitious project aims to preserve the unique treasures of Mongolia through a series of three large-sized photography books, released in the Mongolian language. Each volume showcases the iconic wildlife and diverse ethnic cultures of Mongolia, offering a captivating glimpse into the country's rich heritage.

The first book, "SNOW LEOPARD" was published in March 2022. In this book, Batzaya recounts his adventurous expeditions to the remote snowy mountains of Mongolia in search of the elusive snow leopard. Through stunning photography and compelling storytelling, he shares his firsthand experiences, emotions, and encounters with this mysterious wild cat. Alongside breathtaking images of Mongolia's natural landscapes and wildlife, the book features scientific information and infographics about the snow leopard, offering readers a deeper understanding of this enigmatic creature and its habitat.


Following "Snow Leopard," Batzaya released "TSAATAN" in December 2022. This 216-page volume showcases rare photographs, author's travel notes, and informative texts, providing an intimate portrait of the Tsaatan people, known as the last nomads living in the southernmost part of the world. Through vivid imagery and insightful narratives, readers are immersed in the unique culture, customs, and lifestyle of this resilient community.


Completing the trilogy, "EAGLE" was published in March 2023. This book delves into the culture and lifestyle of the Mongolian Kazakhs, who uphold the ancient tradition of eagle hunting. Through captivating photographs and interviews with eagle falconers, Batzaya offers a glimpse into this intangible cultural heritage, as well as the annual Eagle Festival—a major tourism event in Mongolia. With 216 pages of informative text and infographics, "Eagle" provides a comprehensive exploration of this fascinating aspect of Mongolian culture.