Snow Leopard Conservation Through Photography in Mongolia

A high mountain predator, the wild snow leopard’s population has been declining due to human activities. But why is it so difficult to persuade people to care about our natural world and its ecosystem which impacts our sustainable lives? We looked for the answer and discussed the issues. As a result, we see another angle of view to attract them on Snow leopard through the art of powerful and unpopular photographs that tell the stories about the benefits of keeping those iconic wild cats in its natural habitat.

According to WWF's latest survey, total estimated 4,080-6,590 snow leopards are left in the wilds and Mongolia is home to the second-largest population snow leopards in the world. And as a photographer and citizen of Mongolia, I am responsible for the conservation of these cats by do running this campaign through my profession with the help of my team. The campaigns in the project are influencing local amateur photographers on the ethics of nature photography, spreading conservation messages through photography works and publishing Snow Leopard Photography Book..