Gobi Desert Mongolia

An ancient sea bed Mongolian Gobi is the one of beautiful place to visit in Mongolia and National Geographic Travel’s one of most reccommended top travel destinations in the world. Semi desert landscape-Gobi occupies whole territory of Southern Mongolia. In 1923, The first dinosaur egg discovery from Flaming Cliffs-Bayanzag to science by an expedition of Roy Chapman Andrews, the Gobi became known to the world.
Since then, many expeditions took a place and revealed more new discoveries of most species of dinosaur skeletons, bones, fossilized eggs and ancient sea creature fossils. Rich findings of phaleontological resources, amazing landscape, beautiful places, historical sites, thriving Mongolian nomad culture and lifestyle, wildlife attracts more and more travelers to this region of Southern Mongolian Gobi.
Most popular places are dinosaur cemetery – Flaming Cliffs Bayanzag, Yol Valley and Khongor Sand Dunes…