About the photographer

Batzaya Photography BATZAYA Choijiljav (44), passionate Mongolian photographer and active traveler who has been traveling across the world and Mongolia with his camera for last two decades. Born and grew up in simple herder’s family and used to listen ancient stories, tales by his elders was the main inspiration for his creative mind and unique eye of the photographer. Every single detail on his photo-shoots are specialized in culture, tradition, lifestyle, portraits and landscape of the nomadic Mongols.
His photos were awarded “Best Animal Photo of 2016 of Daily record, Animal Photo of the Year by daily Telegraph and Now Magazine. His winter horse photo was published and featured on weather.com and yahoo news and other world class publications.
His passion is not only photograph and traveling but also, he wishes to show his beautiful country and unique tradition to the world through his lens and welcomes every like-minded adventurous photographer from all over the world to travel and capture Mongolia with.