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For landscape, nature and portrait photography, Mongolia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. In Mongolia you can photograph desert wilderness, majestic mountain peaks, peaceful forest and picturesque lakes, hundreds of sheep, horses on green steppe, authentic nomads’ life and Mongolian ethnic people. Mongolia is known as the land of blue sky there are 275 sunny days a year, so it is the great opportunity for photographers to shoot magnificent images on your camera and to collect beautiful memories in your mind. The view of landscapes and its colors are changing so you can see the diverse places through your lens while on the same trip.
This article can help you to choose the best photography locations in Mongolia. Ayan Travel is the specialist in photography tour and we provide useful information on our blog.
Here are the top 5 places to photograph in Mongolia with information of its location and description with photos taken by our director Batzaya Choijiljav.

Mongolia people

1. Gobi Desert of Mongolia and Camel Herding Nomads 

Mongolian Gobi is well known for travelers as its dinosaur fossil sites and camel herding nomadic lives, but also it is an iconic destination for landscape and night sky photographers. Locates in the southern part of Mongolia and includes often-photographed sights like flaming cliffs, Yol Valley, you can also collect the stunning images such as 2 humped camel caravan on bright sand dunes under clear blue sky. Although the conditions can be extreme, it is a popular location because of the amazing scenery. You can capture sand dunes, canyons, cliffs, flats as well as wildlife and birds.

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Mongolia Gobi Image

Winter Mongolian Gobi

Gobi Mongolia

2. Mongolian Altai Mountains and Golden Eagle Hunters 
In the remotest and westernmost part of Mongolia there is a hidden treasure we name it Altai Tavan Bogs National Park. It is a truly spectacular and unique place that attracts photographers for its majestic peaks, scenic lakes, glaciers, mystic stone statues and ancient rock carvings. If you are a portrait photographer, then this is the right place to shoot strange faces of Mongolian ethic groups such As Kazakh and Tuva people who have been living there for hundreds of years in a nomadic way of life. And if you have time and really interested in wildlife photography the park is also home to endangered animals such as snow leopard, wild goats, sheep and other smaller wild ones. Finally, one of the most attractive objects to shoot is golden eagles and hunters. In the beginning of October the golden eagle festival is held in Ulgii city, the westernmost province of Mongolia. We can promise that you will have full of thrilling and beautiful moments in your camera. You can get more information about the park and Golden eagle Festival please visit here.
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Altai Mountain Mongolia

Golden Eagle Mongolia

Mongolia Altai Mountains

3. Lake Khuvsgul NP and Reindeer Herders

Because of its view, many travelers say that Lake Khuvsgul and its surrounding area is Mongolian Switzerland and Mongolian Blue pearl. That is true for its natural scenery. Lake Khuvsgul National park is located in northern Mongolia and offers picturesque clear lake, forested mountains, peaceful meadows and wildflowers attract  nature and landscape photographers. One of the uncommon images can be captured in the remote Taiga Mountains of Mongolia which would be the Tsaatan or Reindeer herders and their lifestyle. This is very new destination for both local and foreign travelers and photographers. As Ayan Travel we initiated the Extreme Winter Photo Tour in this exotic region. Our first photo journey to the reindeer people starts in winter of 2016 and we have got lots of experience in winter photography. You may interested in our photo tour please visit this page to find out more: Tsaatans and Reindeer people of Mongolia

tsaatan reindeer herder Mongolia

Taiga kids

4. Orkhon Cultural Valley and Historical Sites

Most visited cultural place for both Mongolian and world history and recognized by UNESCO’s World Heritage Site as Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. Locates in central Mongolia, historical and cultural heritages makes it important place, and provides beautiful landscape with grasslands, wildflowers, rivers, waterfall and cultural sites including old monasteries and burial mounds to capture.

monastery Mongolia

Orkhon cultural land

5. Ulaanbaatar and its close locations /Hustai NP, Terelj NP and Chinggis Khan Statue/

Once you decided to take a trip to Mongolia, your tour will start form Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. It keeps modern and old, nomadic and civilization style view in itself. You can take a picture of some historical statues and Buddhist temple. Panoramic and architect photographers may interested in this contemporary city.
After your city photo tour you may wish to visit following places that will attract photographers and travelers and locates near the capital city.

Hustai National Park of Mongolia

Good place for wildlife photographing and locates 100km from Ulaanbaatar. The park is known for its population of wild horses /Prezewalski’s horse/ and home to red deer, wild boar, fox, grey wolf , marmot and rare birds. Also it gives us a good opportunity to capture wild flowers and ancient monuments and much more.

Przewalski's Horse Mongolia

Terelj National Park of Mongolia 

Locates 75 km from the capital city and one of the most popular attractions for its amazing natural scenery and rock formations.

National Parks of Mongolia

Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue 

The largest horse statue in the world, locates on the way to Terelj NP. Visitors walk up to the head of the horse through its chest and neck, where you can take panoramic photos of the surrounding area.

f you need more information about these locations please visit following page.

Top Travel destinations of Mongolia

To conclude, Mongolia offers you to explore and capture its natural beauties, unique culture , great history and hospitable nomads.


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