We are providing Photography Tips Mongolia on how to take awesome photos in Mongolia, including what and when photograph , how to care for your camera on winter photo tour in Mongolia. Let’s take a look following article.

What to Photograph in Mongolia and When to Go?

Are you looking to new photographic destination for your 2018 holiday? Mongolia offers various kinds of photo attractions and diverse landscapes. Here we describe what to photograph in Mongolia and when you should go Mongolian photo tour. Every season has its own specialties. Mongolia is unique and interesting country due to the circular succession of the four seasons such as spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Mongolia Photo Tour

Summer view of Mongolian countryside


Mongolia winter photo tour

Mongolia winter horses


Autumn in Mongolia photo

Fall Picture of Mongolia


Most of tourists, more than 50% of them, come to Mongolia during the summer time. Of course, summer is the best time to travel to Mongolia, its color, abundant of daily milk product from livestock for example Mongolian yoghurt, Airag- fermented mare’s milk, dried curd etc…, and kids are come to home for helping with their family and galloping on the horseback everywhere.

Nomadic life in Mongolia


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Daily life is going normally. That means photographers have plenty of opportunities to capture real nomadic lifestyle in the beauty of nature. And nomadic people celebrate their festivals and events during the summer time after the grass grows and cattle got strength and fatness. For instance, Naadam Festival, one of the biggest and well-known Festival, officially held in Ulaanbaatar on 11th of July to 13th of July annually.

Naadam Mongolia photo

Naadam Festival Mongolia


Don’t worry you get miss Naadam Festival in July, we have also Danshig Naadam festival in August, which is great chance to attend 2 events in one huge arena including Tsam Religious Dance and Three Manly Games in Khui Doloon Khudag only 35 km from capital city of Mongolia.
Stare at the sky in the mid night, you will see billions of glazing and shooting stars, Milky Way in the sky.

night sky photo Mongolia

Mongolia night photography


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If you like colorful things or dislike crowd we suggest to take photos in autumn, from early September to end of October. Especially in the northern part you will enjoy more to hear birdsong, trees, leaves and grasses are shining in the sun light with yellow, red, green and brown colors, majesty of wild animals during the rut.

fall picture Mongolia

Fall view of Mongolia


Walking along the shore of the Khuvsgul Lake, known as Mother Sea, located in Northern Mongolia, feels like rest in the heaven and at the moment the lake calms down and become quit. Therefore we suggest to photograph calm, pure and colorful Khuvsgul Lake.

Khovsgol Lake Mongolia Photo

Lake Khovsgol in northern Mongolia


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Also in the beginning of the October, you can have opportunity to photograph Golden Eagle Hunting Festival. This festival has became one of the main photo attractions in the world and promotes rural Kazakh eagle hunting heritages to the next

Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia

Golden Eagle Hunting in Western Mongolia


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Nobody dares to travel in the winter time to the most remote place. Why you don’t courage to travel to photograph and travel to deep into the nomads and country? Imagine that you are standing and capturing in the snowy steppe in the middle of nowhere. Isn’t it adventurous and interesting that you capture people not captured yet?

winter picture Mongolia

Winter Photography in Mongolia


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Spring is not as colorful as comparing to other seasons its grey and yellow and dry climate and also livestock are thinner after the long harsh winter and coldness. Nomads have to work hard to breed the newborn young cattle. But we can not express the beauty and life beginning of spring. Everything starts as a new, newborn baby animals, grass, flowers, birdsongs etc. If you are a bird watcher and love photographing the birds, then Mongolia is the right place for the bird watchers both migration and fauvette and they come to Mongolia between end of April and end of May. Swans, 6 kinds of cranes-White-napped crane, duck and goose etc.

bird photo Mongolia

Birds of Mongolia


Mongolia Birding Tour

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To conclude, depends on you interest and availability of arrival time, Mongolia can offer its beauty and photographing opportunities all year around. If you wish to take photo tour to Mongolia, we are here to help your trip planning and arrangements as we are the specialist in Mongolian Photography Tour.


Practical advice for Mongolian Photography

Here are the practical advice for all travelers particularly for photo and adventure lovers, on behalf of photo addict who likes to capture beautiful nature, tradition and culture. Mongolia-it sounds unfamiliar but unique to all the people. I prove that everybody, who knows this country dreamed to visit once in their life. But how many of them intend to arrive?
Take a photo tour to Mongolia to capture images of Mongolian beautiful nature, ethnic people’s portraits, authentic nomadic lifestyle, colorful festivals, ancient historical sights and amazing wildlife.

Landscape Photography in Mongolia

Mongolia landscape photography


Mongolia is one of the most photogenic and mysterious countries in the world. Not only Mongolian stunning nature and diverse landscapes, nomadic culture, ethnic groups, great history and cultural heritages, but also people are attracting photographers and videographers. Here you need to understand 5 different regions to all over Mongolia for instance: Northern- fresh watered Khuvsgul Lake, Taiga- Reindeer Herders, Southern part is Gobi Desert, Camel, Dinosaur fossils, wild and rare animals, bird watching photography tour is developed, Western Mongolia- Landscape, Kazakh Tradition, High Mountain range, Special interest such us climbing, trekking tour is popular and Eagle Hunting festival is famous for photographers, Central Mongolia-ancestry’s path, historical places and riding tours, hidden places for trekking and 5th region is Eastern Mongolia- Birding tours, Great Steppe, Chinggis Khaan’s birth Place etc. Because of the air pressure some of picture didn’t look so pure. So you need to choose the right time and bring useful filters to capture perfect photos.


Portrait Photos Mongolia

Portrait photos Mongolia

Batkhuu, one of the Tsaatan minority group gives us a photogenic smile

Mongolian photography tour is increasing due to retain this shrinking authentic nomadic culture and sensitive and less populated nationality in the world. Mongolia is huge country located in central Asia and Mongolians figure, face is totally different than our Asian countries, with short body but broad chest, nose is taller than other Asian nationalities, cheekbones are very round and big, good white teeth etc. Mongolia has 2 different nationalities and more than 20 ethnic group. That means they have their own traditional clothes elements, photogenic, climate feature etc… Mongolian people is very shy and some of elders believe that to be taken their photos reduce the age. Even it is superstition, clients need to respect it and guides can translate positively.


Mongolian Wildlife and Birding photography

Expectation of photographers and special interest tourists such as bird watchers is Mongolian animals, birds are like in Serengeti or African wild animals, but reality is different. To see them in the wild in our country is truly related to “LUCK”. If you are lucky you will see them. But local experts are knowing when and where it is possible to see and capture them. So, my tip to my friends and clients is please contact local agency- Mongolia photo guide.

For many years of experience, Photography point is most important thing. If you are coming with short duration, your best way to take good photos in short time is contact with local photo expert who can give you the tips and recommendation of right angle, best timing and suggest you best photo tour guide and driver. Driver must be very sensitive and feel the photographers, where to stop and where they need to drive quickly.

photo tour mongolia

Photoshooting of Nomadic life style

Last thing about my advice is packing advice. Mongolian road is mostly off, so even you have a good and new car dust comes in every corner to your valuable things. So, please bring extra plastic bags to your camera equipment to protect it just in case. Preparation is always important, never ever forget it.

Genghis Khan Statue Complex

Ayan Travel is an experienced adventure tour operator and specialized in photography tours and workshops in Mongolia, arranges photo journeys to some of the most amazing corners of Mongolia, such as Western Mongolia to capture magnificent Altai Mountain above 4000 meters, Eagle Hunters, Southern Mongolia to take mysterious Gobi Desert, Camel caravan, sand dunes and Northern Mongolia to explore the mystical Reindeer herders, hidden treasures, and in central Mongolia to attend Naadam Festival and to know more about nomadic lifestyle way of living etc.


Mongolia photography tours

Happy photographer with Golden Eagle Hunters in Altai Mountains.


Mongolia Eagle hunters photography tour

Young eagle hunter during the eagle training


Before you coming and planning to photograph Mongolia please read our advice when is possible to arrive and what to photograph. Every season has own specialty and beauties. If you are avoid of touristic destination and season this blog news will help you to choose the right season.

Mongolia photography travel tips and advice

Mongolia photography travel tips and advice

Every photographer has their own opinion of how they like their images to be exposed


– Ask people before you photograph their portraits
– Please prepare small gifts or candies to children and elders
– Some people might ask money
– Prepare your personal things such as sun protect cream, mosquito spray, good walking boots etc…
– Of course camera equipment, lens both prime lens for portrait photos and wide angle, zoom lens for photographing landscape.
– Stay one place at least 1 full day, because Mongolian territory is huge and sparsely density population.
– Be ready at unexpected climate changing
– Choose right car and guide, if available find good photo guide
– Learn to predict weather forecast like locals
– Contact local photo expert who can give you the advice and any updated news.
– Ask from your local expert about the domestic flight baggage limit and excess baggage fee.


Tips for Mongolian Winter Photography

Mongolia winter photo tour

Extreme Winter Photography Tours to Northern Taiga Mountains of Mongolia- Ayan Travel Photo Tour Group on reindeer back


if you take a trip to Mongolia in winter you need to know following things before you go. Ayan Travel organizes annual winter photography tour to reindeer herders in remote Taiga Mountains. As an experienced traveler and initiator we put some useful tips including preparation of personal items, weather and road condition, environment, reindeer herders and their culture.

Tips and advice for Mongolia Winter Photography Tour

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” — Aaron Siskind